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Premium Cataract Surgery
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Premium Cataract Surgery in Austin

We believe in constant innovation. Cataract surgery continues to ride the waves of technologic innovation. Today modern premium cataract surgery is safer and the results more precise and predictable than ever before thanks to the following advancements in techniques and technologies:

  • More advanced preoperative diagnostics (testing before surgery):
    • Corneal topography
    • Wavefront aberrometry
    • Laser optical biometry with modern intraocular lens calculation formulas
    • Zeiss Optical coherence tomography of the retina and optic nerve
    • Ultra-wide retinal imaging
  • The most advanced surgical technologies:
    • Oral sedation which obviates the need (and risks) for IV sedation
    • Modern presbyopia-correcting and astigmatism-correcting lens implants to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses after premium cataract surgery or premium lens replacement
    • Constantly improving surgical instrumentation and surgical techniques
  • Easy and convenient postoperative routines:
    • Return to a normal schedule usually within one day
    • Resume most normal activities within one day
    • Better, clearer vision without glasses within one day
    • Simple after care using one bottle of eyedrops for convenience and cost savings

Our relentless pursuit for perfecting our surgical outcomes for premium cataract surgery has shown that over 90% of patients that receive a premium presbyopia-correcting lens implant no longer rely on glasses to see far or near. Some patients will still use glasses some of the time for some occasions.