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Visian ICL
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Austin TX Visian Implantable Contact Lens

Visian ICL Implantable Contact Lens

Refractive Surgical Procedures are rapidly evolving and improving over time. As technology improves with time, so will our ability to correct your vision.


Austin TX visian implantable contact lensImplantable Collamer Lenses (ICL) such as the Visian ICL are special lenses that can be placed inside the eye to correct vision. An ICL (aka Phakic Intraocular lens (IOL)) is inserted into the eye in front of the natural lens within the eye. ICLs are capable of correcting individuals with high amounts of near-sightedness beyond the range of LASIK (from -3.00 to -20.00 diopters myopia). Additionally ICL’s can correct lower amounts of near/farsightedness for individuals who are not suitable candidates for corneal surgery. The first ICL’s received FDA approval in 2004.

Austin Eye is certified to use the Visian ICL. For more information about the Visian ICL, click here:

ICL’s advantages compared with LASIK:

  1. Ability to treat low, moderate and extreme myopia (from -3.00 to -20.00 diopters myopia).
  2. “Reversibility” since the lens can be removed from the eye if needed.
  3. Ability to correct near/farsightedness for individuals who are not safe candidates for laser vision correction.
  4. Better quality of vision than corneal reshaping procedures.

ICL’s disadvantages compared with LASIK:

  1. Potential to cause premature cataract development during or after surgery.
  2. Increased risk for complications of structures inside the eye such as the retina or cornea.

Austin Eye offers a wide range of advanced eye care services, including laser vision correction, cataract surgery and contact lens implants. The surgeons at Austin Eye are recognized as leading Austin cataract surgery and LASIK providers.