Atropine Eye Drops

Atropine Eye Drop FAQ in Austin

Atropine eye drop FAQ in Austin

What are Atropine Eye Drops?

Atropine eye drops are a pharmaceutical solution and are believed to act via receptors in the retina to reduce myopia progression. The prescription medication must be specially formulated into a very low concentration by a compounding pharmacy. The eye drop is instilled into each eye nightly.

What is the average treatment effect?

Multiple studies show a 40-60% reduction of myopic progression compared to standard glasses and contacts.

Will atropine correct my child’s vision?

Your child will still need to wear glasses or contacts to correct their vision while using atropine eye drops.

What are the risks associated with atropine use?

Atropine was formerly used to dilate the eyes during an eye exam. However, atropine formulated at a very low concentration minimizes the side effects of dilation and most children do not experience side effects. While the low dosage has been considered safe on multiple clinical trials, every drug has side effects. It is possible your child might experience enlargement of pupils, increased light sensitivity, or reduced vision up close. Atropine is used off-label for the treatment of myopia progression.

What are the benefits associated with atropine use?

Reduced risk of visual impairment later in life. By reducing the progression of myopia, there will be lower rates of retinal detachment, myopic macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataract.

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