Premium Lens Replacement

Premium Lens Replacement in Austin, TX

Premium Lens Replacement in Austin, TX

As technology has evolved, the optimal surgical vision correction method for individuals in their mid-40’s and older is Premium Lens Replacement (PLR).

For example, with an individual that is 49 years old (or older), if you need glasses to read up-close or see far away, you could have LASIK surgery to correct your vision. LASIK will enable you to see like a normal person your age. So, this 49-year-old individual would:

  1. See far away without glasses BUT require reading glasses to see the computer and closer
  2. Would experience normal age-related vision changes due to the normal development associated with lens changes and cataract formation with each year
  3. Ultimately, cataract surgery would be needed once this individual’s lens develops into a visually significant cataract (usually by age 75)

In contrast, this same 49-year-old (or older) individual above with Premium Lens Replacement would:

  1. See far away without glasses AND see the computer and closer with minimal and often no reliance on reading glasses
  2. Would experience very stable vision (more stable than a normal person with a natural lens between the ages of 49-100) as they age
  3. Never need cataract surgery as they age

Premium Lens Replacement (PLR) technology continues to evolve with the continued improvement in lens implant designs. As of 2021, current lens implants used in PLR create vision similar to that of an individual age 40-42. So, PLR can enable individuals 45-100 years old to see younger than their age permanently.

In our practice, LASIK is the preferred surgery for vision correction younger than 40. PLR is the preferred surgery for vision correction for patients over the age of 45.

Over 45 and considering LASIK, Lens replacement or Cataract surgery? All you need to know.


PLR involves a 10 to 15 minute procedure that is painless, uses eyedrop anesthesia and which produces improved vision within hours. Most patients will regain normal function in less than one day.

During the procedure we remove and replace the aging lens inside the eye with an advanced lens implant that can correct the nearsightedness / farsightedness / astigmatism and presbyopia. Your aging lens is replaced with a new lens implant that provides outstanding vision and optical quality that will last a lifetime.

How does premium lens replacement (PLR) work?


Who is the best candidate for Premium Lens Replacement?

Patients who rely on reading glasses to see up-close and/or bifocals to see far and close.

Are Lens implants safe?

In the USA, over 4 million lens implants are placed in patients undergoing cataract surgery or elective lens replacement surgery. In contrast, there are less than 1 million LASIK procedures performed annually in the USA. So, absolutely lens implants are safe!

What are the potential side-effects of lens implants?

There are 4 main possible side-effects of PLR:

  1. Very blurred vision permanently 1:1000
  2. Complications related to surgery that require additional surgery but are ultimately correctable 1:100
  3. The need for some glasses, some of the time for some activities. We cannot guarantee that glasses will “never” be needed with any type of eye surgery. Most patients see a huge improvement in vision and rely on glasses minimally after PLR
  4. Night time halos, starburst or artifacts around lights. Most patients will see a halo effect around lights at night that is well tolerated overall
  5. In summary, PLR is safe, proven and effective. But as with all medical and surgical procedures there are risks to consider

Can Lens implants be replaced as new lens implant designs emerge in the future?

Though it is possible to remove and replace a lens implant placed years ago, we do not recommend that you plan to remove and replace the implant that you receive initially. Consider that the lens implant that you receive will be stable and perform beautifully for the rest of your life. Removal of this implant in the future after it has had time to integrate with your eye can be very involved and complex. Therefore, plan on having this procedure only once!

How long has PLR been performed?

At Austin Eye, we have been performing elective lens replacement surgery to correct vision and presbyopia since 2000. Since that time we have treated over 10,000 patients with premium lens replacement.  The technology is proven and safe.

In March 2017, Shannon Wong, MD had Premium Lens Replacement surgery to correct his vision. Watch his story:

In March 2017, Shannon Wong, MD had Premium Lens Replacement surgery to correct his vision. Watch his story:
Dr. Shannon Wong's Symfony Lens Experience
2 weeks after symfony lens. First-hand experience from ophthalmologist - Shannon Wong, MD.
Austin Eye Lens Implants comparison & benefits chart
Austin Eye lens replacement and cataract surgery options chart
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