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Cataract Surgery Revision & Second Opinions in Austin

Having Problems after Cataract or Lens Replacement Surgery?

Cataract Surgery Revision & Second Opinions in Austin

Our surgeons have performed over 20,000 cataract and premium lens implant procedures.

We have been using premium presbyopia-correcting lens implants since 1998.

Since 1998 there have been continuous refinements and improvements in lens implant technology.  Millions of people have experienced the miraculous benefits of premium cataract and premium lens replacement surgery. 

But no lens implant is perfect.  No lens implant is capable of delivering the visual perfection that a 20-30 year old with perfect vision can achieve. Each individual will have a slightly different perception of their vision with modern lens implants.

We have found that over 99% of patients experience great vision with premium lens implants. On the other hand, about 0.5% of patients that receive a premium lens implant will notice unwanted or bothersome side-effects of their vision with their premium lens implant.  The symptoms of patients that are extremely bothered with their vision with a premium lens implant include:

  1. “Everything is blurry at all distances”
  2. “My vision is 20/20 far and 20/20 (or J1+) near but I don’t like the quality of my vision”
  3. “I see a dark shadow or dark crescent to the side of my vision (in my peripheral vision) that will not go away despite waiting 3 months (or more) after surgery”
  4. “The halos, glare, starburst that I see around lights is intolerable making it impossible for me to see when I drive at night”
  5. “I can’t see clearly to drive”
  6. “I can’t read up-close”
  7. “I can’t see mid-range”
  8. “I can’t see in the dark (loss of contrast)”
  9. “My lens has moved out of position”

If you are dissatisfied with the way you see with your lens implants, we recommend the following FIRST:

  1. Consult with your original surgeon and ask them if they can work with you to improve your vision with glasses, eyedrops or additional surgery.
  2. If your original surgeon is unable or unwilling to offer you an acceptable solution, then we recommend that you seek a second opinion with a reputable ophthalmologist/eye surgeon in your area.

There are some patients that want a telemedicine, online or phone consultation about the results of their surgery. In our opinion, it is impossible to diagnose or recommend treatment for patients without an in-person exam of your eyes.

If you would like for our surgeons to examine your eyes and provide recommendations for treatment to help you see better after premium cataract or lens replacement surgery, we are happy to offer second opinions, surgical consultations, and if needed perform additional surgery to help you improve your vision after you have had premium cataract or lens replacement surgery from another ophthalmologist/eye surgeon.

Please contact our office by phone at 512-250-2020 to schedule your exam with our ophthalmologists.  Our staff will help walk you through the process of scheduling your exam and give you an idea of what to expect and what to plan for your appointment.  During your visit with our staff and our surgeons, we will perform a comprehensive examination of your eyes then provide you with an assessment of your eyes, your vision, and options for vision improvement.

**If you have already had cataract or premium lens replacement surgery and would like to have your original lens removed and replaced with a different lens implant we NEED to have the following information to help improve the safety and accuracy of your next surgery:

  1. Biometry measurements of your eyes before your original cataract or premium lens replacement surgery.  These measurements are also known as “Lenstar” or “IOL Master” measurements. These measurements can be obtained by the surgeon who performed your original surgery
  2. The lens implant information or lens implant card the specifies the power, type and serial number of the lens implant for the eye that received surgery.

Patients have traveled from around the world to see our surgeons for second opinions and for surgical solutions to improve their vision.  The types of procedures that we often perform to help patients improve their vision after premium cataract and lens replacement surgery include:

  1. Intraocular lens exchange (remove one lens implant and replace it with another lens implant)
  2. Intraocular lens exchange after YAG laser capsulotomy
  3. Reverse optic capture or piggyback lens implantation for treatment of negative dysphotopsia
  4. Suture fixation of intraocular lenses in the absence of capsular support
  5. Intrascleral haptic fixation of lens implants

Please contact our office if you would like to be seen for a surgical consultation to evaluate your vision and to discuss your options for vision improvement.  Thank you!

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