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For the majority of individuals in their 40’s and younger, laser vision correction in the form of custom iLASIK is the best fit.

Custom iLASIK at Austin Eye provides a safe, predictable visual result with excellent long-term stability.  However, quite often we find individuals who are too near-sighted or too far-sighted to be a safe candidate for Custom iLASIK.  Fortunately options such as PRK or Surface ablation of the cornea or the Visian ICL lens implant can help you if you are not the best candidate for iLASIK.

For individuals between 40-50, there is the realization that we are not as young as we once were.

Presbyopia begins to become noticeable in that we lose our ability to refocus our eyes as easily or quickly from far to near as we used to.  Individuals in this age group having laser vision correction will need to tolerate some compromises with their near or reading vision.  Reading glasses (aka over-the-counter “cheaters” or reading glasses) become necessary during this decade to read small print up-close.  Options such as monovision can be employed for some individuals who want to decrease reliance on reading glasses.

For individuals 50 and older, we find that cataract and lens implant surgery is the best option.

By replacing the natural dysfunctional lens for people in this age range, we can provide them excellent near and far vision – essentially enabling them to see younger with less dependence on reading glasses. Premium lenses enable patients to see far and near with minimal to no use of glasses.  The lens implant does not age in our lifetime. In contrast, our natural lenses that we had since birth become cloudy, inelastic and perform worse each year after age 50. So the three-fold benefit of lens implant surgery over laser vision correction for individuals 50 and over is:

  1. More stable vision,
  2. Restoration of more youthful vision such that many individuals can see near and far with minimal to no dependence on glasses, and
  3. No need for cataract surgery later in life.

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