Questions to Ask During Your LASIK Consultation

Questions to Ask During Your LASIK ConsultationLASIK offers a safe and effective method of permanent vision correction. With a success rate of 95 to 98 percent, it’s no wonder that patients are often interested in learning whether they are a good candidate for LASIK surgery in Austin. At Austin Eye, we offer a free LASIK consultation, where you can meet with your surgeon and determine if you are a good candidate for laser vision correction. In this post, we discuss important questions to ask during your LASIK consultation.

Is LASIK Safe?

For most patients age 40 and younger, Custom iLASIK is the best laser vision correction option. iLASIK is an advanced form of LASIK that eliminates the risk involved with cutting across the cornea to create a flap. Custom iLASIK is even more effective because a special computer is used to measure 100 percent of the patient’s visual aberrations and provide a map for customized vision correction. iLASIK has been shown to be more effective and safer than traditional LASIK, so you can be sure that you’re receiving the best method of LASIK currently available.

What Results Can I Expect?

Ninety-five to 98 percent of patients achieve comfortable vision with both eyes after receiving Custom iLASIK. The remaining patients will require an enhancement procedure to fine-tune their vision after the first procedure. These results last too; studies of LASIK patients 20 years removed from surgery have found that their eyes age normally after a LASIK procedure. We use anesthetic eye drops to eliminate all pain during the procedure, and most patients are able to return to work the next day.

Is My Surgeon Experienced with LASIK?

Make sure you find a doctor that’s experienced with the specific LASIK procedure you’re using. At Austin Eye, we’ve treated thousands of patients from all around the world with both LASIK and iLASIK. We’re also the most experienced ophthalmologists in Austin at using Custom iLASIK, which is the type of surgery we recommend for many patients. We have our experienced surgeons perform both the before and after surgery examinations, so that you have one doctor you trust caring for you at all times.

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