How LASIK Improves Your Everyday Life 

how lasik improves your life

People who require corrective eyewear to see clearly have often worn glasses or contact lenses since childhood or puberty. LASIK eye surgery offers these patients the opportunity to start every day with sharp vision from the second they open their eyes. Good eyesight is necessary for every facet of one’s day to day, and LASIK is typically described as “life-changing” because of the myriad ways it can enhance quality of life. 

At Austin Eye, our ophthalmologists offer LASIK and all-laser LASIK (iLASIK). PRK is available for patients who may not qualify for LASIK for various reasons, such as dry eyes or thin corneas. Our eye surgeons have witnessed how laser vision correction can improve everyday life, including opening up these possibilities. 

1. No more fumbling for your glasses in the night 

People with refractive errors may have to reach for their glasses when they wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night or roll over and want to glance at the time. After LASIK, there’s no more stumbling around in the dark or squinting to see the numbers on the clock in detail. Enjoy good vision 24/7. 

2. Enjoy water activities and more sports without corrective eyewear.

Swimmers with refractive errors face many challenges, from irritated contacts to increased risk of infection and the hassle of prescription goggles. People who enjoy swimming, water skiing, surfing or wakeboarding can do so without a second thought after LASIK. (Though, it’s important to avoid bodies of water and water in the eyes during LASIK recovery.) 

Those who lead an active lifestyle may find they have more fun playing sports because foggy glasses or sweat in their contacts is no longer a concern. Slipping glasses or losing a contact lens during an activity or exercise is a worry for the past. 

3. Travel light

Traveling with contact lenses or glasses requires a few extra steps during packing. Spare contact lenses, contact lens cases and cleaning solutions are a must no matter how far you’re traveling or how long you’ll be gone. People who wear glasses often need to bring a backup pair, cleaning cloth and spray. Traveling after LASIK means you can forget about these former necessities, and last-minute overnight stays are worry-free. 

4. Less eye irritation and allergy symptoms

Eliminating contact lenses reduces general eye irritation from placing a foreign object in the eye daily, but it also lessens allergy symptoms during seasonal flares. Pollen, dust and other allergens can stick to the contact lens and build up underneath. Those who wear extended-wear contact lenses may re-expose the eye to the allergen each day they wear that pair of contacts. LASIK removes contact lens irritation from the equation, improving eye allergy symptoms and reducing irritation. 

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