Author: Shannon Wong

Enjoy 2023 With Clear Eyesight After Cataract Surgery

Whether you struggle with early cataract symptoms or have significant daily challenges due to blurry vision, cataract surgery can give you a new look on life in 2023. At Austin Eye, our board-certified ophthalmologists use the most advanced techniques and technologies to renew vision and improve visual clarity. Our offices provide several types of cataract […]


Why Corneal Crosslinking Can Improve Keratoconus Outcomes

Keratoconus is a progressive condition that weakens the cornea, causing it to thin and bulge out. Good vision relies on the dome-shaped cornea to refract light onto the retina, but keratoconus distorts the corneal shape, which leads to blurry eyesight, glare and light sensitivity. Our ophthalmologists offer corneal collagen cross-linking to slow the progression of […]


How LASIK Improves Your Everyday Life 

People who require corrective eyewear to see clearly have often worn glasses or contact lenses since childhood or puberty. LASIK eye surgery offers these patients the opportunity to start every day with sharp vision from the second they open their eyes. Good eyesight is necessary for every facet of one’s day to day, and LASIK […]