3 Advantages of Premium IOLs for Cataract Surgery

Cataract Treatment, Austin, TexasMany people living with moderate to severe cataracts have gotten used to the muted, cloudy vision caused by the opaque lens. Cataract surgery will restore clear vision, but premium IOLs can also improve your visual acuity and potentially eliminate your need for eyeglasses or contacts. Our eye care specialists at Austin Eye will discuss your intraocular lens implant (IOL) options during your eye exam.

Premium IOLs have many advantages over the standard monofocal IOL, including:

1. Decrease or Eliminate Your Dependence on Corrective Eyewear

During cataract surgery, your natural eye lens is removed and replaced with an IOL. The traditional IOL covered by insurance plans is the monofocal IOL, which restores clear vision and improves your eyesight at one focal point, such as better faraway or near vision. However, you will still need to wear contact lenses or glasses to see at all distances. Premium IOLs improve your eyesight at more focal points, so you don’t have to reach for your glasses as often (or at all) when you switch from driving to reading a menu.

2. Enjoy an Active Lifestyle without Contact Lenses or Glasses

Cataracts affect most people in their golden years when they enjoy various activities such as golfing, sailing and skiing. Relying on prescription glasses or contact lenses is a hassle for many sports. With a premium IOL for cataract surgery, you can improve your game in a few ways, such as better clarity because the cataract is gone, sharper vision with the advanced IOL and improved vibrance in your environment.

3. Correcting Presbyopia

Presbyopia occurs when your eye’s natural lens becomes rigid as you get older. The once-flexible lens has difficulty flexing when you are looking at objects nearby, such as your smartphone or fine print. Because cataract surgery removes the eye’s lens, presbyopia is also addressed, but you may still need reading glasses if you choose the standard monofocal IOL. Premium IOLs such as multifocal and extended-depth-of-field lenses provide better vision on all fronts, from the distant hills as you drive around Texas to the latest text message from your friend or family member.

Everyone’s vision is unique, and the standard IOL will not deliver the visual acuity you need. Austin Eye offers several premium IOL options, including:

  • Panoptix IOL to correct for distance and intermediate vision ranges. You may occasionally need glasses, but these are great for computer users.
  • Vivity IOL for mid-range and far away eyesight, though you may need reading glasses.
  • Synergy IOL offers the best visual improvement with near, intermediate and distance correction with optimal nighttime and dim-lighting vision and low incidence of glare and halos.

Toric versions of these premium IOLs are available to accommodate astigmatism.

Learn more about your IOL options for cataract surgery by scheduling an eye exam with our eye care specialists at Austin Eye. Call our office today at (512) 250-2020 to schedule your appointment.